Succulents & Cactus—Saguaro Boots

Saguaro Boot is a hard shell of callus tissue created by the Saguaro Cactus to protect the wound created when a bird pecks through the Cactus skin, then burrows downward to hollow out a space for its nest.  This bark-like shell that takes up to a year to harden prevents the Cactus from losing fluid and protects the nest hole by making it waterproof. 

When the Saguaro Cactus dies, its soft flesh rots, but its woody infrastructure or skeleton remains intact as does the hollowed-out boot-like callus. 

The results are spectacular and each Saguaro Boot is unique in size and shape as you will see when you browse the photos below.  Please call for available inventory.


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Saguaro Boot With Aloe & Donkey Tails

10” High  x 15” Wide x 9″ Deep


Saguaro Boot With Echeveria, Sedums & Aloe

7” High  x “10 Wide x 8” Deep


Saguaro Boot With Red Agave

3” Round  x 4” High


Saguaro Boot Wall Decor
With Echeveria & Donkey Tails

21” High  x 9” Wide


Saguaro Boot With Marginata, Barrel & Sedum

7” High  x 13” Wide x 4″-7″ Deep


Saguaro Boot With Spiny Cactus & Echeveria

6” Round  x 8″ High


Saguaro Boot With Orange & Green Echeveria

5.5” High  x 7″ Wide x 4″ Deep


Saguaro Boot With Spikey Cactus,
Echeveria & Donkey Tails

8” High  x 15” Wide x 6″-7″ Deep