In Your Container

Over the years, clients have asked me to design custom arrangements in their own containers. If you have a favorite container or one that holds special meaning to you, let’s work together to create a one of a kind design to last for years to come. Browse through the photos below for creations in my clients’ more unique containers.

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Agaves & Succulents in Client's
Leaded Glass Dome

6″ Round x 10″ High

Aloe & Sedum in Client’s
Stone Landscape

8” High x 22” Wide

Birds of Paradise & Anthuriums
in Client's Pot

14″ Square x 58″ High

Birds of Paradise & Anthuriums Centerpiece
in Client's Antique Bowl From Indonesia

15″ Oval x 18″ High

Burgundy Bromeliads & Succulents
in Client's Wicker Basket

18″ Round x 18″ High

Burgundy Ginger & Desert Protea
in Client's Ceramic Vase for Master Bath

8″ Round x 25″ High

Burgundy Tillandsia & Succulents Gardens
in Client's Metal Umbrella Stand

7″ Round x 42″ High

Cholla, Barrels & Sedum in Client's Copper Pot

10″ Round x 16″ High

Cholla & Succulents
in Client's Glazed Pot

12″ Square x 40″ High

Donkey Tails & Sedum
in Client's Ceramic Donkey

16″ High x 22″ Wide x 8″ Deep

Euphorbia, Ginger & Succulents
in Client's Wooden Wagon

22″ High x 24″ Wide x 10″ Deep

Euphorbia & Succulents
in Client's Converted Brass Lamp

16″ Round x 20″ High

Eurphorbia & Succulents
in Client's Wicker Basket

20″ High x 18″ Wide x 6″ Deep

Forsythia & Birch Twigs
in Client's Horse Hair Vase

52″ High x 24″ Wide x 8″ Deep

Foxtails, Wheat & Berry Guzmania
in Client's Metal Stand

20″ Round x 26″ High

Golden Desert Protea & Feather Fern
in Client's Sage Ceramic Pot

8″ Round x 9″ High

Marginata Centerpiece
in Client's Copper Pot

10” High x 12” Wide x 6.5” Deep

Mini-Succulents in Client's Burl Wood

8″ High x 12″ Wide x 5″ Deep

Pink Ginger, Echeveria & Donkey Tails
in Client's Treasured Asian Pot

8″ Square x 16″ High

Poppies & Peach Blossoms
in Client’s High Heel Shoe

10” High x 8” Wide x 3” Deep

Proteas & Saw Grass
in Client's Metal Bowl

24″ Round x 30″ High

Succulents Garden
in Client's Talavera Pot

22″ Round x 32″ High

Succulents Garden in Client's
Terra Cotta Wall Sconce

15″ High x 10″ Wide

Succulents in Client's
Hand-Carved Gourd

16″ High x 20″ Wide x 6″ Deep

Variegated Yucca & Succulents
in Client’s Stone Bird Bath

22” Round x 30” High

Yucca, Orange Bromeliads
& Succulents in Client's Copper Boiler

32″ High x 36″ Wide x 14″ Deep